Calling all ClutterBugs!

Okay, it’s time to get started.  I’ve been lurking on your blogs and getting some fabulous ideas for cooking, cleaning, crafting, and playing mommy.  I’m beginning to think that you all have it figured out, and somehow I missed the boat…

Tell me I’m not alone on this – At least 10 times a day I think about how much I have to do, and how little time I have to do it in.   Am I the only clutterbug left on shore?  I know there must be some of you left out there!  I have begun to accept the fact that my scrapbooks may never be caught up, closet doors will have to be closed when guests come over, sometimes take-out is as fancy as dinner is going to get, and there are some days when things will NEVER go as planned.  Luckily I have a loving husband who allows me to fuss over the small things and doesn’t complain when the clutter seems to be taking over in our lives.   (He is so patient with me!)

Okay, in my eternal quest to become organized, I have figured a few things out and learned a few secrets.  Time to stop lurking and share the things I know.  This blog is all about sharing ideas for becoming less of a clutterbug – and I’m going to need your help!  Let’s share ideas for cooking, cleaning, crafting, and everything in between.  If nothing else we’ll share the stories that keep us smiling and laughing during the day, giving us the sanity to try it all again tomorrow if it all goes wrong today.

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7 Comments on “Calling all ClutterBugs!”

  1. Cute site you’ve started here! Adorable header too. My house is a cluttered disaster at the moment, so I came to blog hoping to find the solution to this mess! Let me know when you find it!

  2. Laura Says:

    Hello! Great title! Believe me there are many days I feel as you do but because organizing is my hobbie it is usually what I do to procrastinate from doing something else…like scrub floors….lol. Look forward to stopping by here.


  3. Honey Says:

    I’m going to enjoy reading the ideas! I have learned one thing-if I claim one room and keep it spotless, then move on to the adjacent room and so on, it is less likely to loom gloomily over me. 🙂 I pick the room we are most often in and then our bedroom. (The boys room is easy to keep clean since there isn’t much clutter there. Just books and a favorite toy). One thing I want to put into practice is a simple checklist of things that *MUST* get done each night before I sit down, just the basics to keep things neat.

  4. Honey Says:

    I just read that you are expecting your first baby boy in April! Congratulations! You might get a “nesting” urge this last month; so run with it without wearing yourself out. 😉 When I was pregnant with my first, I got rid of things I would not get rid of now, and I am soooo glad I did. I tossed all my school notebooks and sold textbooks to a bookstore, gave extra clothes and “stuff” to Good Will, and got rid of knick knacks and the coffee table. We don’t have a coffee table or end table now (something I recommend before baby arrives!) We have a huge ottoman in it’s place. And everytime our little ones have fallen on it, I am happy. They HAVE gotten hurt on others coffee tables because I am not used to them. Littlest got his tooth knocked out of place as it was growing in; so now he has one crooked tooth. All this to say-if you have any “stuff” that is taking up space, that you don’t ADORE, or even remember what’s in that box, go ahead and give it away. It is so freeing. That reminds me to get more stuff out again! Have fun!

  5. clutterbugs Says:

    Thanks, Honey, for the great advice! I already have the “nesting” urge pretty bad… I’ll probably be posting about that this week! With baby coming I know I’ll have a lot less time to organize – I need to take advantage of this time! Soon I’ll be asking all of you for “how-to” tricks when there is a little one around…

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