Freeze it Friday

Freeze it Friday

The Soapy Dish is hosting it’s first Freeze it Friday! Be sure to go there to find fabulous ideas and tips for freezer dinners, as well as some delicious freezer recipes!

You can participate and share your freezer recipes, tips, and tricks as well by posting a link to your site at The Soapy Dish. The more the merrier! Be sure to stop by!

My day was crazy, and I never got around to typing that recipe I wanted to share, so instead my “Freeze it Friday” will just be an idea. (Come back next Friday looking for tasty recipes…) My DH loves to eat rolls with every meal. I love them too, but for now there are only two of us and we can NEVER finish a bag before the last of them start to mold. I hate throwing them out! I know we would eat them – we just can’t get to them fast enough! It took me several wasted rolls to realize (DUH!) you can freeze them! We now buy the huge bag at Costco, and seperate the rolls into 3 or 4 Ziploc baggies to toss into the freezer. I know just how many we can go through before the bread goes bad, and so we always have the perfect amount in each Ziploc. We just pull them out when we need them! It’s so easy!

Maybe a lot of you already do this… Maybe I’m just slow to catch on! But I love it! We do the same thing with cheese. Buy the gigantic bag at Costco, and then divide it into smaller Ziploc baggies when we get home. All of the baggies get thrown into the freezer and we never run into the problem of “Oh no! We ran out of cheese and this recipe calls for one more cup!” Just pull a bag out of the freezer when you need it! You save tons of money buying that big bag from Costco, and it doesn’t go bad. Just another way to make life a little easier…

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