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Works for me Wednesday

March 22, 2007

How many of you have special little “helpers” when you try to clean and organize? You know the type – those little stinkers cuties who discover all of the folded laundry and “help” to put it away all over the floor. The same helpers can manage to “help” pull out all of the toys you just organized in the closet. They can “organize” and “clean” just like you… or so they think.

Today’s tip: When you are trying your best to get a clean house, and you really don’t need the extra “help,” give them something better to do! My idea: Use the internet to your advantage. You will be amazed at how easy it is for kids to use the computer – even as little as 3 years old. And they love it! Now, we don’t want kids just playing around anywhere on the internet (of course) so I have compliled for you a list of links that I love. Most of these are educational (it’s the teacher in me) but fun. The majority will help teach kids to read and do math, and a couple just have some fun games. Check them out! I know you will love them, and your kids will love them even more. But the truth of the matter is we will all love the extra few minutes we get of real cleaning and organizing without our special little “helpers.”

Starfall – This site is my FAVORITE! It gives little ones practice at the alphabet and letter sounds, beginning readers practice at blending letter sounds together for reading, and it has interactive stories for bigger kids that already know how to read and just need extra practice. **Be sure to let your kids know you can click on everything on the screen. Characters move around when clicked on, objects change colors, etc. Try it out!**

I Know That – This will give your kids practice in ANYTHING. When you get to the site, look to the left and you’ll see you can click to practice in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each one has levels from beginning to advanced. It will ask you to register before you can play (it’s free), but if you don’t want to just click “maybe later” and you can skip the registration and still play the games.

Professor Garfield – Art, music, reading, rhyming… You can find it all here! Just click the appropriate grade level, and get playing!

Sesame Street – Look under the Kids section – You’ll find games, music, art, stories, even Elmo’s World. It’s very cute and very entertaining.

Nick Jr. – Click on Nick Jr. Playtime on the left hand side of the page. Lots of cute, simple games that your kids can play with their favorite characters like Dora, Blue, and Lil’ Bill.

Fun Brain – More math games, reading games, and grammer games.

Seussville – For the Dr. Seuss fan in all of us. Head to the “Playground” to find lots of matching and fill in the blank games. There are also lots of printables on this site for your little one to color, do word searches, games, etc.

Hope you can find one that works for you and your little helpers! Be sure to check in with Rocks In My Dryer for more fabulous Works for me Wednesday tips and ideas.